Back from the USA!

I had an awesome time in Los Angeles, OMG! Holiday of a lifetime :) 

So Im back with new ambitions and lots going on. I finally got my brand new Camera and new lenses so my photography site will be up soon. Im also opening a very vintage online store which I will also post links to when it is setup!!!

Very exciting and this year has been fab!

Lots to get done though

stay awesome

what da fuk is one suppose to blog about then lol your entire blog is based on drugs and spirituality mate

Well if you dont like it then dont read it haha simple.

Who are you? Cause your lame dude

Na dude, I DONT agree

Why would you constantly want to advertise your use of marajuana?? Like maybe im wrong but to me its personal and I dont like taking about it to everyone. Right???
Same goes for your spirituality 600 pics a day? What point are ya okes trying to make? These things help people grow spiritually and if your really as spiritual as you say you are then why would you boast about your religion? Why would you care what people thought about you? Why would u NEED them to know it.

I dunna… I prefer to keep it to myself

Anyways, rant complete


Off to Durbs with my fave person in the world ( le boyfriend ) ;) next week! Then the week after, its off to harrismith for fire dancing.. after that its my SUPER birthday (which is in planning) and two days after that im off to America!

My life is so complete

My 21st Adventure

So… On the 16th of June Im off to L.A in America for my 21st to see my beautiful family.

Im so excited, our list of things to do is growing. Like going to santa barbara, malibu, san fran, hollywood, six flags, universal studios and MORE !

Yay I cant wait! Then its off to Dubai. HASHTAG #TRAVELLIFE


Ok bye now






This describes my entire life.

This is just me, but it’s worth saying that about 80% of the time I manage to drag the weight to the party…I have a pretty good time. 

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Bunny Babes Louise and Fionna


Bunny Babes Louise and Fionna

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Words of Emotion
My Marijuana/Pot/Blunt (Whatever you like to call it) Thoughts

I am a frequent smoker.
Sometimes I smoke to enjoy a party, sometimes I smoke to help me fall asleep etc etc but mainly because it assists my disorders…

Bipolar - It helps, it mellows everything out and helps me to focus more which allows me to realise when Im having an episode and I can control it.

OCD- pretty much the same thing. My mind is at ease and I dont feel the need to perfect and re do. It gives me a break

Its also great to mediate with and can really assist in vision meditation.

I would never tell people to smoke if they did not want to, but for me, as my own individual, it works.

So like dont do the drug for the image. Thats lame. It has tons of healthy benefits in many forms. You have to learn to use the drug to assist you, in decent amounts and not to look cool because you smoke.

So those are my opinions. What are yours??

Me again, I have SO many people asking me how much I weigh.
I dont mind telling you and I can take the crit.

I weigh a healthy 50kg

how much do u weigh? and how did you lose 5 kg in a week? what did u eat?

Hi there,

It took me 2 weeks and I used a diet plan which is brilliant.

Worked better than I ever expected.


High Skating and Sniffles

So last night was epic… last minute plans are always epic. So we went ice skating haha

So I donno what people find fun about skating round and round in a circle on ice but it was fun anyway and by the end I was going super fast hehe

So taking a break from heavy exercise since I have some horrid flu. Im sticking to yoga and pilates for now and hopefully next week ill feel good enough to kick back into gear!

Shoulder stand w/ double leg raises

-Great stretch on the hips, back and legs and also a great tummy strengthening combo

Home made soup

-healthy, nutritious and warm! Its winter here now and soup is definitely on my to do list!